Your First Test

r_subheading-Course Description-r_end In this tutorial of Your First Test, we will discuss applying all the steps that was applied on the train set to the test set as well. r_break r_break r_subheading-What You'll Learn-r_end • Pre-processing new, unseen textual data to allow for predictions from our trained model. r_break • The importance of caching the IDF values calculated from the training data set to TF-IDF new, unseen, pre-processed data. r_break • Performing SVD projections of new, unseen, pre-processed textual data into the latent semantic space. r_break • Creating predictions and evaluating model effectiveness in the context of accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity.

Text Analytics tutorial slides can be accessed r_link-here- r_break r_break Download R r_link-here- r_break r_break SMS Spam Collection Dataset used in this tutorial can be accessed r_link-here-


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