3 minutes to Writing R

Write and practice your first R program with us today.

Hi there! Welcome to this Data Science Dojo video series on learning R and basic programming for data science.

R is a programming language, open source and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It has quickly developed a huge community support. This language is used among statisticians and data miners for:

  • developing statistical software

  • data analysis

  • data visualization

  • data science

  • machine learning

  • statistical techniques (such as statistical tests, classification, clustering and data reduction)

Although R has a command line interface, there are several third-party graphical user interfaces, such as RStudio, an integrated development environment, and Jupyter, a notebook interface.

This tutorial will teach you the basics of R. It is not necessary to have any prior programming experience. This introduction to R video series will not only get you up to speed in R but also programming 101 or programming foundations.

Today you will write your first program which is a classic “hello world” print statement. You will also, create a variable name and assign or store string values - the words “hello world” to that variable - and use the print function to print out the variable to what we just stored inside that variable.

To get started watch the video.

To install R, visit: https://cloud.r-project.org/ and download the latest version of R for Windows, Mac or Linux following the instructions.

When you have downloaded and installed R, you can run R on your computer.

For the dataset used in this exercise, download from here.

In the next video, we’ll cover our main atomic datatypes.