Estimated duration: 5 minutes
In Google Analytics, In Google Analytics, Sources show where the users or traffic on your website is coming from. Identifying the origin of traffic helps companies perform web traffic analysis. By looking at factors such as bounce rate, average time spent on a page or inbound links, marketing teams and data analysts extract actionable insights that can increase traffic and improve search engine ranking.

This video talks about the different types of traffic sources and how studying the behavior of each source helps identify key areas for improvement. Furthermore, it discusses what system-defined mediums and user-defined mediums are. We answer questions such as: What are different types of traffic sources? How Google Analytics helps study sources? Which specific key areas to look at? What are Mediums? What are system-defined mediums? What s user-defined mediums? How to visit the sources section on Google Analytics? How marketing analytics can be used to derive actionable insights from data?