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Blog entry by Jasmine Wilkerson

Measuring Generosity and Activism with Political Contributions

Measuring Generosity and Activism with Political Contributions

What does the data look like for political contributions when we look at each state? How generous is each state, and what does state activism look like?

Generosity and Activism by State

A few days ago, I published an article about analyzing financial contributions to political campaigns.

When we look at the total individual contributions to political committees by state, it is apparent that California, New York, and Texas take the lead. Given the fact that these states have the highest population, can we justify a claim that the residents are more generous when it comes to political contributions?

Image for Total Individual Contributions from 2011-2014 Minus DC

Individual Political Contributions per Capita

In contrast, the contribution per capita tells a different story.  After this adjustment for population by state, Massachusetts and Connecticut lead for political generosity. Meanwhile Idaho and Mississippi consistently collect less total contributions and less per person. Other relatively generous states are New York, Virginia, Wyoming, California, and Colorado.

Image for Individual Political Contribution per Capita from 2011 to 2014 Minus DC

Measuring Political Activism

Can we measure political activism by analyzing the individual contribution data? When we look at the number of donors that make up the total population by state, surprisingly Montana seems to have a high number of political donors.

Image Percentage of State Population Donated from 2011 to 2014 Election Cycle Minus DC

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