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Blog entry by Albar Wahab

Coding in the cloud with Jupyter Hub

Coding in the cloud with Jupyter Hub

Data Science Dojo has launched Jupyter Hub offering to the Azure marketplace with pre-installed data exploration, analysis, and modeling libraries

Data Science Dojo's free Jupyter Hub offering on Microsoft's Azure platform- uses cloud services to provide you with an effortless coding environment. It is your ideal partner if you want to dive into the world of programming. The service has built-in support for multiple programming languages: R, Python, and Bash. These languages are popular in data science, machine learning, and deep learning thus making JupyerHub 

But that is not all! The offering comes pre-installed with several popular tools for data exploration, analysis, modeling, and development. Listed below are a few examples of the pre-installed libraries: 

Python Libraries:  

  • NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, pandas, Scikit-learn, Seaborn, Beautifulsoup4, Plotly, OpenCV-python, azure-storage-blob, azure-storage-file, azure-storage-queue, azure-storage-common 

R Libraries:  

  • tm, lsa, stats, miscTools, animation, lattice, rpart, party, randomForest, bst, AUC, pROC, e1071, kLaR, ElemStatLearn, glmnet, Metrics, fpc, ggplot2, caret, GGally,rpart.plot, xgboost, quanteda, plyr,dplyr, stringr, irlba, doSNOW, Rtsne 

With our free offer, you can analyze and visualize data, as well as construct machine learning models in Python and R. You can also personalize your experience using the notebook interface. Everything from the theme to the behavior of individual cells and widgets may be changed as per your requirements 

When working in the Jupyter instance, your programming code, along with your outputs, narrations, and multimedia, can all be combined into one single document. It also comes with a unique tool, nbcovert, that lets you turn your notebooks into HTML and PDF.You can work with Microsoft cloud services without having to worry about installation or maintenance. Furthermore, because the computations are not conducted locally on your PC, but rather in the cloud, the responsiveness and processing speed is enhanced to the max! 

We here at Data Science Dojo deliver data science education, consulting, and technical services to increase the power of data. We are therefore adding a free Jupyter Notebook Environment dedicated specifically for Data Scientists Using Python and R. The offering leverages the power of Microsoft Azure services to run effortlessly with outstanding responsiveness. Install the Jupyter Hub offers now in the Azure marketplace, your ideal companion in your data science journey! 

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